Anthony Joshua Learning From Errol Spence In New Training Regime, Says Trainer Derrick James

Photo: Instagram/Anthony Joshua 

Derrick James, the new trainer for former heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, has revealed that Joshua has been learning from watching fellow boxer Errol Spence Jr. workout in his gym.

James is rebuilding Joshua to go after his third world title and being around Spence and Frank Martin gives him a chance to observe their training methods and help improve his own.

Joshua will be fighting for the first time with James in his corner on April 1st against Jermaine Franklin at the O2 Arena in London, and he cannot afford to lose, as it would put his career in jeopardy.

Photo: Instagram/Anthony Joshua 

James spoke to the DAZN Boxing Show and said that Joshua and Spence have a mutual respect for each other.

When Spence is working out, Joshua watches him closely and picks up tips that can help him improve his own training.

James is confident that he can help Joshua get back to the level he was at before and believes that strategies are key to getting him to perform at his best.

When asked if he can train Joshua to defeat Oleksandr Usyk if they were to fight again, James replied in the affirmative.

He has experience training left-handed fighters, and he saw things in the Usyk fight that he thought were laughable.

James believes that the key to success is working on the small things that can't be seen, which then blossom into bigger things.

In conclusion, Anthony Joshua is learning from Errol Spence Jr.'s training methods, and it is helping him to improve his own.

His new trainer, Derrick James, is confident that he can get Joshua back to his former glory and help him win his third world title.

Joshua's upcoming fight against Jermaine Franklin is crucial, and he cannot afford to lose.

James believes that he can help Joshua defeat Oleksandr Usyk if they were to fight again by working on the small things that can't be seen.

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Source: Boxing News


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