Frank Smith Says Tyson Fury Demanded Too Much Money From Saudis For Usyk Fight

Photo: Instagram/Tyson Fury 

Tyson Fury demanded too much money from the Saudis for the Oleksandr Usyk undisputed heavyweight championship on April 29th, says Frank Smith of Matchroom Boxing.

Usyk had already reached a deal with the Saudis, but Fury asked for a “substantial amount of money that didn’t make sense” for them.

The fight will not happen in the Middle East, and there are doubts about whether it will happen in London, England, at Wembley Stadium.

Photo: Instagram/Tyson Fury 

If the fight is going to happen on April 29th, an agreement must be reached within the next week, as there isn't enough time for promotion.

It’s unclear if it’s too late for Fury’s promoters to go back to the Saudis and ask for a lower price. Smith suggests that Fury should prioritize the money over his pride and focus on making a good profit.

Smith does not see the fight happening within the next ten weeks and believes it needs the right build-up for its magnitude. AJ-Wilder is commercially the bigger fight than Usyk-Fury right now, according to Smith.

Matchroom Boxing's main focus is getting the April 1st fight up and running, with Anthony Joshua in Dallas training with coach Derrick James.

They hope to see a great performance from him and are planning for some big nights with him kicking off with April 1st.

Ultimately, it's up to AJ to decide what he wants to do, but they have plans for what they want to do for the summer. Joshua and Canelo are still the biggest commercial stars in the sport.

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Source: Boxing News

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