Jon Jones Seeks To Clear Name of Past Drug Test Failures And Overturn No Contest Result

Photo: Instagram/Jon Jones 

Jon Jones is seeking to have his name cleared of past drug test failures and to overturn the no contest result of his 2017 rematch against Daniel Cormier.

He claims that all of his drug test results are under the new legal limit of 100 picograms, which was changed in 2019, and therefore should be considered valid.

Jones hopes that this will allow him to move on from his past failed drug tests and restore his reputation as a fighter.

Photo: Instagram/Jon Jones 

Jones failed a drug test for estrogen blockers clomiphene and letrozole in 2016, ahead of his rematch with Cormier.

He served a USADA suspension for the violation but then tested positive again in 2017 for turinabol, causing his win to be overturned to a no contest, along with a 15-month suspension.

Jones believes that if the current threshold for prohibited substances had been in place during his previous failed drug tests, they would not have been considered violations and his win over Cormier would not be a no contest but a KO victory instead.

While it remains to be seen whether Jones' request will be granted, the recent revision to USADA rules and the lowered threshold for prohibited substances have given him hope that his legacy can be rightfully restored.

Regardless of the outcome, Jones is grateful for the opportunity to pave the way for younger fighters and for the chance to set the record straight.

He hopes that his case will serve as an example of how the rules and regulations of anti-doping agencies can evolve and change over time.

Jones' case highlights the importance of fair and accurate drug testing in combat sports, and the need for clear and consistent rules and regulations.

While the rules may change over time, the integrity of the sport must always be maintained, and fighters must be held accountable for any violations.

Whether or not Jones is able to clear his name and overturn the no contest result of his fight with Cormier, his case serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges and complexities of anti-doping testing in combat sports, and the need for constant vigilance and scrutiny.

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