Leon Edwards Retains Title In Hard-Fought Victory Over Kamaru Usman at UFC 286

Photo: Instagram/Leon Edwards 

Leon Edwards successfully defended his welterweight title against Kamaru Usman in the main event of UFC 286 on Saturday, winning a majority decision in their trilogy fight.

Edwards dominated the fight with a strong performance over all five rounds, utilizing a diverse array of kicks to give Usman constant problems.

Although Usman had several takedowns and moments of momentum, he was unable to sway the judges in his favor.

Photo: Instagram/Leon Edwards 

The final scores were 48-46, 48-46, and 47-47, with Edwards securing the win despite one judge scoring the fight as a draw. 

This extends Edwards' unbeaten streak to 12 fights in a row.

Edwards expressed confidence in his performance, landing cleaner shots and taking out Usman's legs.

While Usman remained disciplined in his defense against Edwards' head kicks, Edwards' kicking game proved to be his best weapon.

As Usman attempted to close the distance, Edwards kept him away with fast hands and mid-range kicks. 

Edwards' leg kicks also caused Usman headaches, and a huge knee from Edwards appeared to wobble Usman.

Despite being hurt, Usman came back with a massive punch followed by a takedown. 

In the third round, Usman managed an early takedown, but Edwards grabbed the fence in an attempt to prevent Usman from dragging him back down.

Referee Herb Dean paused the contest and took a point away from Edwards for the obvious foul.

Usman continued to try to bully Edwards backwards towards the cage, but Edwards displayed incredible takedown defense and continued to throw kicks.

Even with a late takedown from Usman, Edwards shrugged him off and kept throwing kicks to secure the win.

Usman accepted the defeat and promised to come back in the future to challenge for the title again. 

Edwards, meanwhile, is looking ahead to his next opponent, and is interested in seeing what happens between Gilbert Burns and Jorge Masvidal at UFC 287.

Despite Colby Covington sitting in the front row, Edwards wasted no time looking past him, saying that he "sat out for like a year and a half or two years" and that he wants to see what's going on with Burns and Masvidal.

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Source: SB Nation


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