NBA Acknowledges Missed Call In Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks Game

Photo: Instagram/Luka Doncic 

Following Wednesday's Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks game, the NBA has released its Last Two Minute Report, admitting to a missed call during the final moments of the game.

Despite the controversy surrounding the bizarre play that saw Golden State gain a free basket while the Mavericks were on the opposite end of the court, the NBA only acknowledged a separate missed travel call on Luka Doncic with 36.4 seconds remaining in the game.

Although the missed travel call did not directly impact the game's outcome, it occurred moments before Doncic's missed three-point shot, which allowed the Warriors to regain possession.

Photo: Instagram/Luka Doncic 

The controversial play at the end of the third quarter, which saw Dallas owner Mark Cuban express frustration, is not part of the Last Two Minute Report, and the NBA will make a separate announcement regarding it.

While it is unlikely that the Mavericks' appeal will be successful, the situation remains one to monitor. The NBA has already released a statement explaining what happened during the controversial sequence, which could affect any further rulings.

Nonetheless, the admission of the missed travel call on Doncic during the game's final moments is a significant acknowledgment by the league.

It is worth noting that the Last Two Minute Report is part of the NBA's transparency initiative, which allows the league to review any missed calls during the game's final two minutes.

While this may not overturn the game's results, it does help the league identify areas of improvement for its referees.
Ultimately, the NBA's admission of a missed call on Doncic indicates the importance of reviewing and analyzing plays' accuracy during games.

By addressing these missed calls, the league can increase its fairness and transparency while providing players and fans with a more positive experience.

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Source: Sports Illustrated

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