Conor McGregor Sets Sights On Surpassing Michael Jordan's $3.3 Billion Net Worth

Photo: Instagram/Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has set his sights on surpassing basketball legend Michael Jordan's staggering $3.3 billion net worth in the coming years.

As the only MMA fighter to secure a spot on the list of the top 50 highest-paid athletes of all time, McGregor is determined to claim the number one position. His aspiration to achieve this feat was fueled by his discovery of Jordan's immense wealth.

McGregor, a former two-weight UFC champion, is striving to reach his first billion after the lucrative sale of his Proper Twelve whiskey brand for over £500 million. The substantial earnings from his recent fights, including a £100 million purse from a crossover bout with Floyd Mayweather, have propelled McGregor's average earnings into the tens of millions.

Photo: Instagram/Conor McGregor

With Jordan being recognized as the highest-paid athlete of all time, primarily due to his post-retirement success with the Air Jordan brand, McGregor now aims to surpass him. According to a recent study by Statista, Jordan has accumulated an estimated $3.3 billion (£2.67 billion) throughout his lifetime.

During an interview with the official UFC YouTube channel, McGregor expressed his motivation, stating, "33 is an angel number. It's motivating, Michael Jordan's at the top spot, obviously with the Jordan brand that took him there, he's worth multiple billions - I think it's $3.3 billion he's made."

McGregor, who has already amassed around $650 million, is confident in his ability to climb up the ranks and achieve his goal. He recently accomplished one of his objectives by securing a spot on Forbes' list of the richest athletes of the year.

At 34 years old, McGregor is 26 years younger than Jordan and believes he still has a shot at another world title. After a two-year hiatus, he is set to return to the octagon in December against Michael Chandler, aiming to make history once again by clinching the welterweight gold to add to his previous lightweight and featherweight victories.

While Jordan earned approximately $93.7 million during his 19-year NBA playing career, which included six NBA titles, six MVPs in the NBA finals, and 14 All-Star team inclusions, the majority of his earnings came from off-court ventures. His current net worth is believed to be around $2 billion, implying that the bulk of his wealth was accumulated outside of basketball.

In addition to his endeavors inside the octagon, McGregor has ventured into several major businesses. His most profitable venture thus far has been Proper Twelve whiskey, but he also has plans to launch another alcohol brand called Forged Irish Stout in the UK.

Additionally, he owns a chain of pubs, beginning with The Black Forge Inn in Dublin, and is involved with TIDL Recovery spray. McGregor's portfolio extends to worldwide properties, a clothing line, and his management company, Paradigm Sports.

He has also entered the realm of Hollywood, landing a starring role in the film Road House alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, and owns a media outlet called The Mac Life.

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