Former Football Star Travis Rudolph's Murder Trial: Ex-Girlfriend Testifies On Intense Cross-Examination

Photo: Instagram/Travis Rudolph

Jones had previously testified that her text message to her brother, instructing him to "shoot up his s---," was not intended to cause harm to Rudolph after learning about his alleged infidelity.

Defense attorney Heidi Perlet sought to depict Jones as a jealous and angry individual, highlighting her unemployment as a real estate agent and her marriage to another man. Charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder, Rudolph, 27, is accused of involvement in a fatal shooting in Lake Park in April 2021 that resulted in the death of Sebastien Jean-Jacques.

Photo: Instagram/Travis Rudolph

During her testimony, Jones claimed that Rudolph became confrontational and prevented her from leaving after she discovered his text messages with another woman. She admitted to damaging his PlayStation and hurling insults at him during their heated exchange in the front yard of Rudolph's residence.

Perlet probed further, suggesting that Jones had sent her brother and friends to harm Travis, to which she denied such intent. Perlet pointed out that Jones had texted "shoot up his s---," but Jones clarified that her message did not entail violence towards a person.

She attributed her choice of words to being upset and caught up in the moment, explaining that she did not desire any harm to befall Travis, his family, or his property. The defense lawyer also highlighted Jones' actions during the altercation, emphasizing that she had retrieved a tequila bottle and struck Rudolph on the head with it.

Jones confirmed the incident and further admitted to smashing his car window with a brick. Although Rudolph never physically assaulted her, Jones confessed to throwing punches at him. She also acknowledged deleting the "shoot up his s---" text message, along with a group text from her brother referring to Rudolph as a "dead man walking," before surrendering her phone to the authorities.

Travis Rudolph had been on house arrest since last year after an unsuccessful attempt to invoke a "stand your ground" defense.

Following the shooting, Jean-Jacques fled the scene but was later discovered fatally injured in the front passenger seat of a car in West Palm Beach. Another victim sustained gunshot wounds in Lake Park.

Rudolph, who had a successful high school and college football career, playing for Cardinal Newman High School and Florida State University, respectively, had brief stints with the New York Giants and the Miami Dolphins practice squad before his arrest led to his release from the Canadian Football League's Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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