Gervonta Davis' Domestic Violence Case Dropped As Accuser Retracts Allegations, Anger Management Course Imposed

Photo: Instagram/Gervonta Davis

Gervonta Davis, the boxer who faced domestic violence allegations, has now had the case against him officially dropped, as reported by TMZ.

This development comes five months after Vanessa Posso, the mother of Davis' daughter, publicly retracted her allegations in a statement on Instagram.

According to prosecutors quoted by TMZ, Davis will still be required to complete an anger management course and a parenting class as part of the resolution. 

Photo: Instagram/Gervonta Davis has faced numerous legal challenges, with one in particular posing an ongoing risk of significant imprisonment in recent years.

In December of the previous year, Davis was arrested in Florida on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. The incident report from the Broward County Sheriff's Office stated that he allegedly struck a woman with a "closed hand-type slap," resulting in an abrasion on her lip. 

TMZ also released a recording of a 911 call made by the alleged victim, in which she expressed fear for her life and mentioned being attacked in front of their child.

Vanessa Posso, who shares a daughter with Gervonta Davis but is no longer in a relationship with him, currently sells jewelry online. In a later Instagram post, she clarified that Davis was not guilty of domestic violence and expressed her desire to keep the situation private.

She acknowledged that both parties were at fault for the argument, and in the midst of heightened emotions, she made an unnecessary call to law enforcement. Posso stated that Davis did not harm her or their daughter and emphasized their commitment to seeking counseling to move forward and succeed in co-parenting.

Davis, in a now-deleted Instagram post, also denied the accusations and defended himself vehemently. He asserted that he never laid a hand on the mother of his child or their daughter, dismissing the notion of him being a monster.

Accompanying his statement was a photo of a young girl, presumably his daughter, enjoying the movie Frozen. Davis explained that his reason for breaking his silence was to clear his name, as he lacked a media team, PR representation, or a good lawyer.

In conclusion, the domestic violence case against Gervonta Davis has been dropped following the retraction of the allegations by the mother of his child.

While Davis will undergo anger management and parenting classes, both parties are focused on moving forward and maintaining a positive co-parenting dynamic.

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Source: Daily Mail


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