KSI's Victory Over Fournier Under Review After Alleged Illegal Elbow

Photo: Instagram/KSI

According to Mail Sport, KSI's recent victory over Joe Fournier in the cross-over boxing scene may be in jeopardy. The boxing authorities plan to review footage of the fight after KSI appeared to land an illegal elbow on Fournier.

KSI won the fight with a brutal second-round knockout over Fournier, who is 40 years old. However, footage of the final exchanges of the fight appeared to show KSI land an illegal elbow on Fournier.

Boxing authorities will review the footage to check for the apparent elbow and then make a decision. The incident occurred in the second round of the fight after KSI had landed a huge overhand right that sent Fournier stumbling backwards.

Photo: Instagram/KSI has been marked by his ability to consistently reinvent himself and find success in new areas. He has become a true multimedia star, with accomplishments across YouTube, music, boxing, and business.

KSI's knockout victory has been put in jeopardy after replays appeared to show the YouTube star land an illegal elbow on his opponent. Fournier described the incident as a 'clear elbow' and called for the decision to be overturned.

KSI appeared unaware that he'd landed the illegal shot, as he said post-fight that he hit Fournier with a massive shot, and he was dazed and scrambling, trying to hold onto him for dear life.

Jake Paul, KSI's long-term rival, immediately voiced his opinion on the incident on his social media accounts and called for a disqualification.

Paul, who lost via split decision against Tommy Fury in February, wrote that he respects boxing too much to respect what that was and that it should be ruled a no contest or disqualification.

Boxing authorities will now review footage from the fight and check for an illegal blow. In other news from the same event, KSI's younger brother Deji put in perhaps a career-best performance, easing his way to a unanimous decision victory.

Earlier in the night, Salt Papi, a Misfits fan favorite, took on his toughest test yet against former MMA fighter Anthony Taylor.

However, Taylor claimed a much-deserved unanimous decision victory, and the social media star was somewhat exposed.

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Source: Daily Mail

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