MLB Outfielder Will Brennan Accidentally Kills Bird With Groundball, Echoing Infamous Randy Johnson Incident

Photo: Instagram/Will Brennan

In an eerie coincidence, a bird has met its untimely demise for the second time in less than a week due to a baseball-related incident in an MLB game.

Following in the footsteps of Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Zac Gallen, who accidentally killed a bird with a throw, Will Brennan of the Cleveland Guardians replicated this unfortunate event on Monday.

Brennan, an outfielder for the team, unwittingly struck the bird with a powerful groundball during the second inning of their game against the Chicago White Sox.

Photo: Instagram/Will Brennan's powerful groundball unintentionally collides with an unsuspecting bird, in a surprising turn of events.

Expressing remorse for his unintentional role in the avian tragedy, Brennan took to Twitter after the game to extend his apologies to PETA and bird enthusiasts, acknowledging the unfortunate sacrifice that had occurred. 

Despite the bird's unfortunate passing, it did not bring ill fortune to the Guardians, as Gabriel Arias managed to score a run later in the same inning.

This stroke of luck propelled the Guardians to a resounding 3-0 victory over the White Sox in the first game of their three-game series. 

This incident serves as a stark reminder of a similar avian mishap that took place almost two decades ago.

In 2001, former Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson famously collided with a bird while delivering a pitch during a spring training game.

Recognized for his formidable fastball, Johnson's throw coincided perfectly with the bird's flight path, resulting in a burst of feathers and the bird's unfortunate demise.

Although these occurrences are rare and unpredictable, they highlight the unique and unpredictable nature of the game.

Players and spectators alike were left in awe as nature intersected with America's pastime, leading to unexpected and tragic consequences for the feathered creatures.

The memories of these incidents will continue to endure, reminding us of the delicate balance between the sport and the natural world that occasionally intersects with it in unexpected ways.

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Source: CNN


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