Scottie Pippen Reveals Michael Jordan's Transformation From 'Horrible' To Team Player Before Bulls Success

Photo: Instagram/Scottie Pippen

Scottie Pippen, a Hall of Famer and former teammate of Michael Jordan on the Chicago Bulls, has expressed a different perspective on the debate about the greatest basketball player of all time.

While many believe LeBron James solidified his position with his achievements, Pippen disagrees. Speaking on the "Gimme the Hot Sauce" podcast hosted by Stacey King, Pippen acknowledged James' impressive statistical accomplishments but emphasized that basketball is a team game and no single player can be considered the greatest.

He went on to share his observations of Jordan's early years, describing him as a "horrible player" who focused on one-on-one play and took questionable shots. Pippen credited the Bulls' transformation into a winning team as the turning point for Jordan's legacy.

Photo: Instagram/Scottie Pippen

Pippen's arrival in the NBA came after being drafted fifth overall by the Seattle SuperSonics in 1987, followed by a trade that sent him to the Bulls. Despite the Bulls making the playoffs in the three seasons prior to Pippen's arrival and Jordan's impressive performances, they failed to progress beyond the first round.

It was only in Pippen's rookie year that the Bulls advanced and ultimately won their first championship in 1990. Pippen and Jordan went on to form a dominant duo, winning six championships together. It is worth noting that Jordan's efficiency significantly improved when playing alongside Pippen.

Prior to Pippen's arrival, Jordan shot above 50% from the field in only one of his first three years. However, in the following five years playing with Pippen, he never shot below 50%. This statistic highlights the impact of their partnership on Jordan's performance, although it does not diminish the contributions of other teammates or the coaching of Phil Jackson.

In conclusion, Pippen's remarks shed light on the transformation of Jordan's career and the Bulls' success as a team.

While acknowledging LeBron James' statistical prowess, Pippen argues that basketball is a collective effort and no single player can claim the title of the greatest.

The chemistry between Pippen and Jordan played a crucial role in the Bulls' achievements, solidifying their status as a dominant duo in NBA history.

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