Team USA Coach's Dramatic Pool Rescue of Fainted Swimmer at World Championships

Photo: Instagram/Andrea Fuentes

During the world aquatics championships in Budapest, a remarkable incident unfolded as a Team USA Artistic swimmer, Anita Alvarez, was rescued by her coach, Andrea Fuentes, after losing consciousness in the pool.

The distressing images captured Alvarez, a two-time Olympian, drifting motionless toward the pool's floor following her solo free routine. Fuentes, a former Spanish synchronized swimming Olympic medalist, wasted no time springing into action, as reported by the Olympic Games news blog.

In an act of sheer bravery, Fuentes, fully dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, plunged into the water and swiftly swam to Alvarez's aid. With the assistance of an unidentified man, she managed to bring the unconscious swimmer back to the water's surface.

Photo: Instagram/Andrea Fuentes Fearlessly Dives in to Save Anita Alvarez from a Terrifying Drowning Incident.

Alvarez received immediate medical attention and was subsequently transported away on a stretcher, according to the Olympics Games website. Expressing relief, Fuentes reassured everyone through a statement posted on the USA Artistic Swimming Instagram page that Anita was in good health following the distressing incident.

Medical professionals confirmed her stable condition, affirming that her vital signs, including heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure, and sugar levels, were all within the normal range.

Fuentes emphasized that such incidents can occur in high-endurance sports, drawing parallels to other disciplines like marathons and cycling, where athletes sometimes require assistance to reach the finish line.

Fuentes spoke candidly about her decision to leap into action in an interview with Spanish newspaper Marca, revealing that she acted due to the absence of lifeguards diving in. Though initially worried by Alvarez's lack of breath, Fuentes expressed relief at her swimmer's subsequent recovery.

The USA Artistic Swimming, in a statement to The Associated Press, expressed heartfelt sympathy for the distressing episode involving Anita Alvarez and Coach Andrea Fuentes, acknowledging the community's deep concern.

They lauded Alvarez's exceptional solo performance and her brilliant display throughout the championships, participating in four preliminary and three final competitions over six days.

While Alvarez finished seventh in the individual final on Wednesday, she is expected to rest on Thursday and consult with a doctor to determine her availability for the upcoming free team finals.

This incident serves as a reminder that the challenges faced by athletes extend beyond the pool's edge, and the heroic actions of coaches like Andrea Fuentes play a vital role in ensuring the safety and well-being of competitors.

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Source: NBC News


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