Warriors' JaMychal Green And Coach Steve Kerr Speak Out Against Flopping Trend After LeBron James Denies Seeking Opportunities

Photo: Instagram/JaMychal Green

JaMychal Green, a forward for the Golden State Warriors, responded to LeBron James' denial that he and his teammates were looking for flopping opportunities during the Western Conference semifinals.

Green's response, posted on social media, was not subtle. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr also spoke out against flopping after Game 4 against the Lakers, saying that the NBA should address it and that the Lakers had been part of the larger trend.

Kerr also gave the Lakers credit for the plays they were able to sell.
James has always been a polarizing figure when it comes to foul calls because of his star status.

Photo: Instagram/JaMychal Green is known for his defensive versatility, shooting ability, and rebounding skills. He has been an important player for his teams throughout his career and has helped them achieve success on the court.

Kyle Korver, who played alongside James with the Cleveland Cavaliers, summed it up best in 2017 when he said it can feel like James gets every call when you're playing against him and none of the calls when he's on your team.

Since the series between the Lakers and Warriors began, there has been a large disparity in free throws.

The Warriors are getting to the line 13.2 times per game, the lowest number in the remaining field, compared to 23.6 times for the Lakers.

The difference in playing styles between the Lakers and Warriors may partially attribute to the gap in free throws.

A team that bases a lot of its offense around James and Anthony Davis' scoring inside is likely to draw more fouls than one that features Stephen Curry and a perimeter-centric attack.

However, Green and Kerr feel that there is something bigger at play.

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