Beloved MMA Fighter Cris 'Sunshine' Lencioni Fights For Recovery After Cardiac Arrest

Photo: Instagram/Cris 'Sunshine' Lencioni

Bellator MMA fighter Cris 'Sunshine' Lencioni, aged 28, currently finds himself in the Intensive Care Unit after experiencing cardiac arrest during a training session on June 8th.

Lencioni's mother-in-law created a GoFundMe page to provide updates on his condition, revealing the unexpected nature of the incident given his young age and peak physical fitness.

The page emphasizes that Lencioni is now facing his most significant battle yet as he fights for recovery in the ICU. In a heartfelt Instagram post authored by Lencioni's wife Marca, she expresses gratitude for the prompt action taken by fellow athletes at the gym who immediately contacted emergency services and provided initial aid until paramedics arrived.

Photo: Instagram/Cris 'Sunshine' Lencioni

Marca explains that they are currently in a different state, but Lencioni is receiving exceptional medical care, surrounded by his devoted family, while remaining hopeful for his ongoing progress.

Sunshine Athletics, the gym where Lencioni serves as the head coach, also shared an update on their Instagram page, expressing immense gratitude for the swift response of those present at the scene and acknowledging the continuous care provided by a remarkable team of medical professionals. They express their optimism for Lencioni's positive trajectory in the recovery process.

The GoFundMe page sheds light on Lencioni's personality, describing him as a lively and charismatic individual who possesses a contagious laugh and radiates a zest for life.

It highlights his entertaining presence within the MMA community and his passion for working with children. Lencioni's gym and kids' program, regardless of financial constraints, have always prioritized inclusivity and support for young aspiring athletes, reflecting his commitment to mentoring and assisting those facing challenges.

Lencioni's immediate family consists of his wife, whom he married in October 2018, and their nearly two-year-old son, affectionately referred to as "little Cris." The recently launched GoFundMe campaign has already gathered over $5,000 in donations, aiming to reach a target of $250,000 to support Lencioni's medical journey.

Regarding his fighting career, Lencioni boasts a record of 10 wins and 3 losses, with 5 victories and 2 losses in Bellator events. Among his wins, 6 have been secured through submission, while the remaining 4 were determined by decisions, evenly split between unanimous and split outcomes. All 3 of his defeats have been unanimous decisions.

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Source: Daily Mail


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