Boxer Josue Vargas Clarifies Sexual Orientation Amidst Online Controversy

Photo: Instagram/Josue Vargas

Boxer Josue Vargas has recently found himself at the center of an online controversy regarding an explicit same-sex clip that circulated on the internet.

In response to the incident, Vargas took to Instagram to clarify his sexual orientation, emphatically stating that he is not gay. 
The professional boxer, who hails from the Bronx and also operates his own OnlyFans account, apologized to his fans, friends, family, and supporters for the unexpected situation. 

While expressing his acceptance of diverse sexual preferences, Vargas reiterated that he identifies as straight. The controversy arose due to Vargas' collaboration with popular New York City-based creator EJ on OnlyFans.

Photo: Instagram/Josue Vargas

EJ had gained a reputation for filming scenes with men who he claimed were straight or "DL," with a focus on oral sex. One particular clip, in which Vargas was seen receiving oral sex from EJ while looking directly at the camera, gained significant attention online.

The video was shared on both creators' OnlyFans pages. In his now-deleted statement, Vargas admitted to going through a difficult period in his life, battling depression and facing serious mental health issues.

He acknowledged his poor judgment in participating in the explicit scene and took responsibility for his actions. While expressing regret for the situation, Vargas thanked those who stood by him during this challenging time and apologized to those directly or indirectly affected by the incident.

He also acknowledged and apologized to those who may have been offended by his actions.

EJ, on the other hand, remained relatively silent about the controversy, deleting his tweets and locking his account. Vargas expressed frustration with various Twitter accounts that shared clips from the video without permission, emphasizing that it was unfair to both creators who intended it for paying subscribers.

In his closing remarks, Vargas reflected on the profound impact of such moments in life and vowed to become the best version of himself. Despite the backlash and consequences he faced, he expressed a determination to overcome this challenging period and grow as an individual.

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