Former Pornstar Moriah Mills Gets Controversial Zion Williamson Face Tattoo Amid Sex Tape Scandal

Photo: Instagram/Moriah Mills

In the midst of a sex tape scandal involving former pornstar Moriah Mills and New Orleans Pelicans star Zion Williamson, an unexpected twist emerged as Mills revealed a new tattoo on her face featuring Williamson's name.

Mills recently had her Twitter account suspended after making threats to release the alleged sex tapes she recorded with the NBA player. This scandal has quickly become a hot topic within the NBA community, coinciding with the ongoing discussions surrounding Ja Morant.

Beyond Williamson's questionable choices, concerns have also arisen regarding Mills' mental state, evident not only in her Twitter threats but also in her text messages, which display a troubling level of obsession and a belief in a potential future with the basketball star.

Photo: Instagram/Moriah Mills

While it appears that Zion may have deceived Mills, triggering her intense reaction, her latest video suggests that she might be in desperate need of psychological assistance. In the video, she proudly displays the face tattoo bearing the name "Zion" on her cheek, potentially filmed before their falling out.

It is possible that this particular moment marked the realization for Zion that he had made a significant mistake by becoming involved with her. However, the damage has been done, and the situation remains highly uncomfortable for all parties involved.

As of now, Zion Williamson has not issued a response, leaving the possibility of legal action from Mills looming in the background. The suspension of Moriah Mills' Twitter account brought a sense of relief to those who support Zion and the NBA.

However, it also raises questions about the NBA's role in the account's removal. While Elon Musk has consistently advocated for free speech on his platform, the decision to ban Mills' account seems to have been influenced by external factors.

It remains unclear whether the NBA or Zion Williamson himself exerted pressure on Twitter to suspend the account, but clarification is needed. Regardless of the outcome for Mills, it is evident that getting a face tattoo of another person's name is not a wise life choice.

The lingering question remains whether this tattoo is a permanent fixture or merely a temporary display.

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