Steph Curry And Scoot Henderson's Remarkable Partnership Shocks NBA Community

Photo: Instagram/Scoot Henderson

In an astonishing development, NBA Draft hopeful Scoot Henderson has embarked on a training journey with none other than the Golden State Warriors' renowned superstar, Steph Curry.

The dynamic duo recently made public their mentorship and strategic alliance, immersing themselves in a mutually beneficial relationship as the pre-draft process unfolds. The magnitude of their bond has only grown stronger over time.

During an intriguing episode of a podcast, Brandon Payne, Curry's esteemed trainer, divulged an extraordinary anecdote from one of Henderson and Curry's workout sessions. Payne recounted an awe-inspiring moment when Curry, after abstaining from basketball for an entire month, effortlessly sank an astounding 60 shots consecutively in a single drill.

Photo: Instagram/Scoot Henderson

The sight left Henderson visibly astonished, with eyes widened in sheer disbelief. Payne reassured the young prodigy that such a feat was far from ordinary, emphasizing the exceptional nature of Curry's abilities.

Curry's workouts have become the stuff of legend, perpetuating tales of his unparalleled conditioning and prodigious shooting prowess. Those fortunate enough to witness these sessions are often left spellbound, astounded by the mesmerizing spectacle that unfolds before their eyes.

The realm of Curry's practice court is an arena where his skills shine just as brilliantly as they do during actual games. As the highly anticipated NBA Draft draws near, Henderson finds himself in the spotlight, projected to be selected either second or third overall.

The Charlotte Hornets possess the coveted second pick, while the Portland Trail Blazers possess the third. Speculation has run rampant, particularly surrounding Portland and their potential inclination to exchange the third pick for a "win-now" asset to complement Damian Lillard.

However, conflicting reports have clouded the true intentions of the Trail Blazers regarding this substantial asset, leaving fans and analysts alike in suspense.

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Source: Sports Illustrated


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