Canelo Alvarez's Controversial Move: Anger And Disappointment As Two Super-Fights Crumble

Photo: Instagram/Canelo Alvarez

Paulie Malignaggi has expressed his anger towards Canelo Alvarez for derailing two highly anticipated super-fights by opting to face Jermell Charlo as an alternative after his original matchup with Jermall Charlo fell through due to personal issues.

The two fights that have been disrupted as a result of Canelo's decision are Jermell Charlo vs. Tim Tszyu and Canelo Alvarez vs. David Benavidez, both of which were highly anticipated by boxing fans.

According to Malignaggi, when Canelo's fight with Jermall Charlo fell apart, the logical choice should have been for him to defend his undisputed super middleweight title against his WBC mandatory challenger, David Benavidez. This was the fight that fans were eager to witness.

Photo: Instagram/Canelo Alvarez

Jermell Charlo, the current four-belt champion at 154 pounds, competes in a weight class two divisions below Canelo, making their matchup less appealing to the boxing community. Furthermore, Tim Tszyu, Jermell Charlo's WBO mandatory challenger, had been waiting patiently for his title shot since last year, making their fight a highly anticipated clash.

Malignaggi strongly criticized Canelo for taking away the possibility of two significant fights simultaneously. He highlighted the fact that weight classes exist in boxing for a reason, and Jermell Charlo's placement two weight divisions below

Canelo diminishes the appeal of their matchup. Malignaggi expressed disappointment that the anticipated super-fight between Canelo and David Benavidez was also now off the table. The potential matchup between Jermell Charlo and Tim Tszyu, while less known in the US, was also highly anticipated by boxing fans who recognized Tszyu as a skilled fighter.

The former boxer went on to express his frustration with the state of boxing, stating that Canelo's decision to fight Jermell Charlo was a clear example of why the sport is often seen as a joke. Despite his disappointment, Malignaggi acknowledged that Jermell Charlo had put himself in a no-lose situation by moving up two weight classes to face Canelo.

If he were to win, it would be considered a remarkable achievement, whereas a loss would still result in a substantial payday. Malignaggi admitted that he had already come to terms with the unlikelihood of a Canelo vs. Benavidez matchup, but it was the clash between Jermell Charlo and Tim Tszyu that he had eagerly anticipated.

Malignaggi praised Jermell Charlo for his toughness and his ability to consistently overcome top-level opposition at light middleweight, making his fights in the weight class particularly exciting for fans.

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Source: Boxing News 24

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