Daniel Cormier Doubts Ronda Rousey's UFC Return Amidst Intense Rumors

Photo: Instagram/Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier, the esteemed UFC Hall of Famer, has responded to the recent rumors surrounding Ronda Rousey's potential return to MMA.

The speculation began after reports emerged that Rousey had a specific date for her WWE departure, fueling speculation about her potential comeback to the octagon. Even fellow UFC fighter Chelsea Chandler added to the buzz, igniting anticipation among fans.

However, Ariel Helwani, a prominent MMA journalist, has since reported that there are currently no plans for Ronda Rousey to make a UFC comeback. Despite the uncertainty, Cormier shared his thoughts on the matter during an episode of ESPN's "DC & RC."

Photo: Instagram/Daniel Cormier

Cormier expressed that he is skeptical about Rousey's return to fighting, considering the multitude of commitments she currently has in her life. He acknowledged that Rousey has numerous projects and ventures, which might indicate that she is likely to walk away from the WWE.

This potential departure from WWE has sparked intrigue among fans, wondering what Rousey might be planning next. In Cormier's view, Rousey has positioned herself in such a way that she doesn't need to participate in combat sports anymore.

He emphasized that she has the freedom to pursue whatever she desires and has effectively created her own path in life. Regarding Rousey's departure from pro MMA competition back in 2016 after a quick TKO loss against Amanda Nunes, Cormier believes it was not solely due to that particular defeat.

Instead, he expressed that the landscape of UFC has evolved since then, and Rousey might face tougher challenges if she were to return today. In conclusion, while rumors of Ronda Rousey's potential UFC comeback have been circulating, Daniel Cormier remains unconvinced of its likelihood.

He sees Rousey's flourishing endeavors outside of fighting and believes she has the independence to choose her path without returning to combat sports.

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Source: Sports Illustrated


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