Deontay Wilder Responds To Andy Ruiz's Demands, Still Open To Fight: Calls For Reasonable Approach

Photo: Instagram/Deontay Wilder

Deontay Wilder has responded to Andy Ruiz Jr's recent social media post, expressing his continued willingness to fight the former unified heavyweight champion.

However, Wilder believes that the demands put forth by Ruiz and his father are unreasonable. While Ruiz Jr's post seemed to suggest that it was Wilder who was pushing for the fight, it was actually the other way around.

Andy Sr, Ruiz's father, rejected Wilder's offer of 30% and insisted on a 50% share, which halted the negotiations. Two weeks later, Ruiz took to social media again, claiming that Wilder shouldn't be upset with him and expressing a desire to "humble" him.

Photo: Instagram/Deontay Wilder

However, Ruiz did not address whether he was willing to accept the offer that was previously on the table. If Ruiz genuinely wants the fight, he will need to agree to the terms or explore other opportunities that can provide a similar payday.

Wilder is not willing to wait indefinitely for Ruiz to demonstrate serious intent regarding the fight. He advises Ruiz to act promptly if he wants to take advantage of the offer.

Wilder made it clear on social media, stating, "We don't have to go back and forth with all this talking. I know what the deal is, and you know what the deal is as well. The only ones mad are you guys."

Wilder highlighted that it was Ruiz and his team who initially reached out and pursued the fight, not the other way around. He stated that they were not desperate for a fight, unlike Ruiz, who has wasted his career by not actively competing and simply enjoying the financial rewards from his fights with Joshua.

Addressing Ruiz directly, Wilder reminded him of their previous encounters, stating, "You called my brother Malik desperately trying to get a fight on... You got in touch with me, saw me at the fights, and desperately tried to fight me."

Wilder emphasized that the time has come to put everything together but insisted that Ruiz needs to be serious and reasonable in his approach. Furthermore, Wilder challenged Ruiz, suggesting that if he wants to experience a knockout and have his "brain splattered," he should contact him.

Wilder indicated that Ruiz has a significant amount of weight to lose, implying that he needs to back up his words with action. Ruiz could have secured the trilogy fight with Anthony Joshua if he had followed the advice given by his promoter Eddie Hearn in 2020.

Hearn had suggested that Ruiz achieve three solid victories against high-caliber heavyweights to earn the opportunity. However, instead of taking this path, Ruiz opted for a more lackadaisical approach, calling out Joshua and requesting another chance without proving himself against top-level opponents.

Additionally, Ruiz took a two-year break before facing Chris Arreola and narrowly avoiding defeat against 43-year-old Luis Ortiz.

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Source: Boxing News 24/7


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