Du Plessis Calls Out Adesanya's Clownish Behavior, UFC Middleweight Clash Brewing

Photo: Instagram/Dricus Du Plessis

Dricus Du Plessis, the number one UFC middleweight contender, brushed off his confrontation with champion Israel Adesanya following his victory over Robert Whittaker at UFC 290.

Adesanya entered the octagon after Du Plessis' win and directed a barrage of expletives at the South African fighter, injecting an ugly racial undertone into their upcoming fight.

Du Plessis, however, remained unfazed by Adesanya's behavior, stating at the post-fight press conference that the champion was acting like a clown and not displaying the behavior expected of a champion or a man. He emphasized the importance of conducting oneself with dignity and being a role model for others.

Photo: Instagram/Dricus Du Plessis

Du Plessis had drawn Adesanya's attention by highlighting his residency in Africa compared to Adesanya's in New Zealand, proclaiming himself as the true African champion. Despite accusations of disrespecting Adesanya's African heritage, Du Plessis clarified that he never claimed to be "more African" than the champion.

Adesanya, unconvinced by the clarification, expressed a desire for a showdown at UFC 293 in Sydney on September 10. In response, Adesanya called Du Plessis derogatory names and even challenged his Caucasian heritage through a genetic test, escalating the tension between them.

Du Plessis remained composed in the face of Adesanya's provocation, noting that Adesanya's behavior indicated that he already saw Du Plessis as the champion. He exuded confidence, emphasizing his dominance in the cage and the energy he felt during their encounter.

The South African fighter acknowledged that Adesanya had superior grappling skills but highlighted his knockout of Whittaker as evidence of his striking prowess. Du Plessis firmly stated that if the fight were to go to the ground, he would overpower Adesanya without hesitation, recalling his past success in grappling with him.

While Adesanya and Du Plessis have a shared history in MMA, having sparred together early in their careers, their current relationship is strained. Adesanya acknowledged Du Plessis' grappling superiority but expressed his determination to educate him regarding African heritage.

As the tension between them continues to build, both fighters are eager to settle their differences inside the octagon. Adesanya made it clear that he has not forgotten Du Plessis' comments, and their upcoming fight promises to be a highly anticipated clash between two talented middleweight contenders.

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