Floyd Mayweather Jr. Makes Thrilling Appearance In Zimbabwe During 'Motherland Tour'

Photo: Instagram/Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the renowned boxing legend and wealthiest boxer of all time, surprised and delighted a crowd in Zimbabwe during his "Motherland Tour."

Despite being an unexpected presence, Mayweather made his way to a dusty soccer field in Mabvuku, one of Zimbabwe's oldest Black townships, where he treated the audience to a thrilling display of his skills.

The event, held on Thursday, offered free entertainment to hundreds of enthusiastic spectators who chanted "Mayweather mbinga ... mbinga!" (Mayweather ... the rich guy!) as the 46-year-old athlete showcased his talent on a punching bag and engaged in various drills.

Photo: Instagram/Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Upon his arrival, Mayweather, who boasts an impressive 50-0 career record and has won world titles in five divisions, expressed his joy at being in Africa, exclaiming, "I'm back home! I'm back where I belong, I'm truly back home!" The fans in Mabvuku, located on the outskirts of the capital city Harare, were also treated to live music and exhibition bouts by local boxers of different age groups.

Mayweather's appearance came four hours after the crowd had gathered, and the atmosphere was filled with singing, dancing, and anticipation. As the proceedings unfolded on a large screen, the cheers grew louder when Mayweather, donning a smile, took to the stage for a 15-minute drill.

This visit to Zimbabwe was the result of a prior meeting between Mayweather and Pedzisayi "Scott" Sakupwanya, a gold dealer and parliamentary candidate for the ruling ZANU-PF party in Mabvuku. Sakupwanya had promised Zimbabweans that he would bring the American fighter to the country after an encounter with Mayweather in Dubai two years ago.

The fulfillment of this promise further solidified Sakupwanya's credibility among the crowd. The organizers of the event had previously announced that Mayweather's tour would also include a visit to South Africa, in addition to his efforts to support the construction of schools and hospitals in the region.

During his time in Zimbabwe, Mayweather also had the opportunity to meet with President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Harare, further emphasizing the significance of his visit. Alfonso Zvenyika, a former Commonwealth boxing champion, expressed his admiration for Mayweather, acknowledging that while his own boxing career did not lead him to the same level of success, he was honored to be a part of this historic moment and share the ring with the boxing legend.

Mayweather's presence in Zimbabwe not only thrilled the local crowd but also served as a reminder of the global impact of his illustrious career.

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Source: AP News 


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