From Tackles To Trading Cards: Blake Martinez Scores Big In Pokemon Business

Photo: Instagram/Blake Martinez

Blake Martinez, the former NFL linebacker, has ventured into an unexpected domain following his retirement from football.

Despite earning approximately $30 million throughout his seven-year career, Martinez has found success in a completely different industry: Pokemon card sales. In fact, he claims that his newfound enterprise is proving to be as lucrative as his football endeavors.

In an interview with, Martinez revealed that he opted for retirement after realizing the financial potential of the Pokemon business, free from the inherent risks of injury associated with football. Contemplating the decision, he weighed the prospect of constantly restarting from scratch in football against establishing a sustainable venture in the Pokemon realm.

Photo: Instagram/Blake Martinez

While Martinez cherished his football career, he discovered an even deeper passion for constructing and managing his own team in the realm of collectibles. Dubbed "Blake's Breaks," Martinez's enterprise has already generated an impressive $11.5 million in revenue.

Remarkably, the former linebacker might even surpass his football earnings through his dealings in the world of collectibles. This transition exemplifies his ability to adapt and thrive in diverse fields, showcasing the astute business acumen that led to his success on the football field.

Martinez's venture into the Pokemon business highlights the increasingly lucrative nature of the collectibles market. Pokemon cards, in particular, have experienced a resurgence in popularity, with collectors and enthusiasts fueling demand and driving up prices.

As an astute entrepreneur, Martinez recognized the immense potential of this market and seized the opportunity to turn his passion into a profitable business endeavor. The former NFL player's story serves as an inspiration for athletes considering career transitions.

Martinez's decision to explore alternative paths beyond sports demonstrates the importance of identifying personal passions and capitalizing on opportunities outside the realm of traditional athletics. His success in the Pokemon business not only showcases his entrepreneurial spirit but also underscores the possibilities that lie beyond the playing field for professional athletes.

With his astute business acumen and penchant for success, Martinez has proven that the skills acquired on the football field can be effectively transferred to diverse industries. As he continues to grow and expand his enterprise, Blake Martinez stands as a testament to the potential for athletes to thrive in non-traditional arenas, proving that the pursuit of one's passions can yield remarkable rewards beyond what the world of sports can offer.

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Source: NBC Sports


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