Israel Adesanya Open To Trilogy Bout With Alex Pereira if He Becomes Light Heavyweight Champion

Photo: Instagram/Israel Adesanya

Israel Adesanya and Alex Pereira have a storied rivalry, and while another fight between the two seems unlikely at the moment, Adesanya has expressed his willingness to engage in an MMA trilogy bout if Pereira becomes the champion in his new weight division.

Adesanya emerged victorious in their most recent encounter at UFC 287, finally overcoming Pereira after suffering a title fight loss at UFC 281 and two previous kickboxing defeats to the Brazilian striker.

Pereira, a former two-division champion in Glory Kickboxing, is set to face Jan Blachowicz in the light heavyweight division at UFC 291 on July 29. Adesanya, who faced Blachowicz and lost during one of the Polish fighter's successful title defenses, shared some advice with Pereira during a recent airport encounter.

Photo: Instagram/Israel Adesanya

Adesanya believes Pereira has the potential to knock out Blachowicz, cautioning him to be wary of the former champion's patience due to Pereira's impressive striking skills. One reason Adesanya has been hesitant about committing to another fight with Pereira is the satisfaction he derived from knocking Pereira out in their second MMA bout.

Pereira had previously secured knockout wins over Adesanya in both kickboxing and the UFC, which Adesanya believes overshadowed his own accomplishments. Nonetheless, Adesanya is now content with whatever the future holds regarding Pereira and their rivalry.

Reflecting on their history, Adesanya acknowledged that his victory at UFC 287 was one of the most gratifying moments of his career. Despite the previous losses to Pereira, Adesanya is focused on proving to himself that he can defeat his rival.

He recognizes Pereira's spirit and talent as a fighter, expressing admiration for his story and the cool narrative surrounding their encounters. Adesanya's determination to overcome Pereira led him to push himself to the limit during their last bout, ensuring he could rewrite his own narrative.

Regarding Pereira's potential title shot in the light heavyweight division, Adesanya remains uncertain about the outcome. He acknowledges the difficulty of competing at 205 pounds and does not guarantee another fight with Pereira.

However, if Pereira secures the 205-pound belt and follows a similar fast-track trajectory as Adesanya did, there is a possibility of an epic fifth encounter between the two fighters. Adesanya recognizes the wild nature of such a scenario and the excitement it would generate among fans.

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