Kai Sotto's Absence In NBA Summer League Sparks Backlash: Fans Demand 'We Want Sotto!'

Photo: Instagram/Kai Sotto

The Philippines has long yearned for a homegrown NBA player to represent their nation on the basketball court.

Although they have seen talents like Raymond Townsend of the Golden State Warriors, Jordan Clarkson of the Utah Jazz, and Jalen Green of the Houston Rockets succeed in the NBA, the desire for a Filipino player remains strong.

It seems that their wish may finally be granted, as Kai Sotto is set to showcase his skills with the Orlando Magic in the NBA Summer League.

Photo: Instagram/Kai Sotto

Kai Sotto has been diligently preparing for the NBA, starting with his time at The Skills Factory and later joining the Adelaide 36ers in Australia's NBL, where he had a commendable performance. Finally, his hard work paid off when the Magic offered him a spot on their NBA Summer League roster.

However, despite being slated to play alongside other promising rookies like Anthony Black and Jett Howard, Sotto has yet to step onto the court in the two games Orlando has played. Naturally, both Filipino basketball fans and loyal Magic supporters expressed their disappointment.

Inside the Las Vegas arena, chants of "We want Sotto!" reverberated among the disappointed fans. As the game concluded, the frustration grew, with many taking to Twitter to voice their discontentment towards the coaching staff of the Magic.

One fan even went as far as to say, "The Orlando SL coach will get jumped the next time he visits a Jollibee." Another fan expressed their disbelief, stating, "Kai Sotto played with a regular NBA roster and scored 11 points, grabbed 5 rebounds, but can't play in the summer league with a bunch of G League guys and rookies? Come on, man. This is rigged."

The burning question remains: will this talented Filipino basketball star get the opportunity to showcase his skills in the NBA Summer League? The hopes of many fans and supporters now rest on the decision of the coaching staff, who hold the key to Sotto's participation in the league.

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