Steph Curry Reveals All-Time NBA Dream Team: A Perfect Blend of Legends!

Photo: Instagram/Stephen Curry

In a recent revelation, Stephen Curry, the talented point guard of the Warriors, has unveiled his all-time NBA starting five, blending a perfect mixture of generations from the past 40 years of basketball.

While there are countless variations of the best starting lineup in the eyes of fans and analysts alike, it is always intriguing to hear the choices made by the players themselves. Curry's carefully curated starting five features some legendary names. 

At point guard, he selected the incomparable Magic Johnson, known for his dazzling playmaking skills and basketball IQ. Moving to the shooting guard position, Curry opted for none other than the iconic Michael Jordan, widely regarded as the greatest player in NBA history.

Photo: Instagram/Stephen Curry

For the small forward role, Curry initially leaned towards the legendary Larry Bird. However, he ultimately made a last-minute substitution, picking the late Kobe Bryant instead. The decision to include Bryant adds a touch of reverence and nostalgia, highlighting the immense impact the Lakers' star had on the game.

In the power forward position, Curry chose the fundamentally sound and dominant Tim Duncan, a player renowned for his consistency and leadership on the court. And anchoring the team in the center position is the formidable Shaquille O'Neal, a force to be reckoned with in his prime.

It's worth noting that Curry's starting lineup comprises solely of retired players, a remarkable choice considering his own status as one of the all-time great point guards. By selecting Magic Johnson, Curry sets a high bar for himself, indicating his determination to surpass the achievements of the point guard legend.

While many expected LeBron James, an active player and a long-time rival of Curry's, to make the list, the Golden State star refrained from including him. Perhaps in the future, Curry may acknowledge James' impact on the game and include him as well.

Interestingly, Curry's selections reflect his respect for the legends he grew up watching and admiring, as both Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan had retired before his NBA career began. With his illustrious career still unfolding, Curry's all-time starting five serves as a tribute to the giants who paved the way for the current generation of basketball stars.

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Source: Sports Illustrated


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