Warriors' Draymond Green Opens Up About His Enduring Friendship With LeBron James And Excitement For Chris Paul's Impact On Jonathan Kuminga

Photo: Instagram/Draymond Green

Draymond Green, a prominent figure in the media spotlight, is widely recognized for his candid demeanor and successful podcast.

However, it was his recent appearance on the 'Podcast P with Paul George' show that shed light on an intriguing topic that has captured the attention of NBA enthusiasts for some time—the depth of his friendship with Los Angeles Lakers' superstar, LeBron James.

During the show, Green expressed his unwavering fondness for James, referring to him as his "big brother" and emphasizing their unbreakable bond. He emphasized, "Love him to death," while also acknowledging that their relationship continues to evolve.

Photo: Instagram/Draymond Green

Last season, rumors swirled about Green potentially joining the Lakers in free agency due to his close friendship with James. Nevertheless, those speculations were dispelled when Green signed a lucrative four-year, $100 million contract extension during the early stages of free agency.

In the podcast episode, Green also touched upon how fans perceive his friendship with LeBron James. He pointed out that because their camaraderie is on full display for the world to witness, it often becomes a topic of discussion.

However, Green encouraged people not to concern themselves with it, emphasizing that it has no impact on their lives and is beyond their control. The NBA is rife with players who forge strong friendships with stars on opposing teams.

For instance, Boston Celtics' Jayson Tatum has been open about his close relationship with Bradley Beal, similar to the bond shared by LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony before they joined forces on the Lakers. However, Green clarifies that these friendships don't automatically imply that players will take it easy on each other or conspire to join forces.

Just like any workplace, professional athletes form connections while maintaining their competitiveness. Green also touched upon the impact of Chris Paul, who recently joined the Golden State Warriors via a trade with the Washington Wizards.

Recognizing Paul's history of inspiring young talent, Green expressed his excitement about witnessing the growth of rookie Jonathan Kuminga alongside the veteran guard. He believes that Paul's mentorship will unlock Kuminga's full potential, drawing parallels to how Paul transformed Deandre Ayton's game upon his arrival in Phoenix.

Green commends Paul's ability to elevate younger players and anticipates a similar impact on Kuminga. The addition of Paul to the Warriors' roster aims to bring a new dynamic to their rotation, providing much-needed playmaking and shot creation off the bench.

If Paul can also contribute to Kuminga's development, it would serve as an added bonus for a team wholly dedicated to capturing another championship.

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Source: Yahoo Sports


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