James Harden's J-Harden Wine Shatters Records: Sells Out 10,000 Bottles In 14 Seconds On Chinese Livestream

Photo: Instagram/James Harden

NBA superstar James Harden was left astonished as his own-branded wine saw an incredible surge in demand during a Chinese livestream, exemplifying the immense influence of this platform in a nation where basketball holds a special place in the hearts of millions.

The seasoned Philadelphia 76ers guard recently participated in the livestream hosted by online sensation Crazy Brother Yang, aiming to promote his J-Harden wine label. The event attracted a staggering 15 million viewers, as reported by state-run publication Global Times.

During the livestream, Harden engaged in a conversation with Yang about his usual daily wine sales, to which he responded with "a few cases." Yang then challenged him to witness the speed of sales they could achieve, prompting Harden to watch with crossed arms.

In just 14 seconds, the online shopping frenzy resulted in 5,000 orders, with customers purchasing two bottles for $60 each, totaling a remarkable $300,000 in sales. Clearly taken aback, Harden could hardly believe the rapid success, as he observed the computer monitor before breaking into laughter and applause.

This livestream shopping phenomenon has taken China by storm, emerging as a multibillion-dollar industry that combines entertainment and e-commerce. Hosts like Yang offer viewers real-time deals and discounts, allowing them to instantly purchase products or send virtual "gifts" to their favorite stars.

The popularity of the livestream quickly ignited discussions on Chinese social media, with some fans playfully suggesting that Harden should consider playing basketball in China to fully capitalize on his fervent local fan base. Basketball enjoys an immense following in China, partly due to the legendary NBA career of Chinese icon Yao Ming.

The league's efforts to engage with Chinese audiences have included building courts, hosting preseason games, and providing free broadcast rights. Nonetheless, operating in China has its complexities, as the NBA experienced in 2019 when a political controversy erupted over a tweet by then-Houston Rockets general manager Daryl Morey in support of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests.

This incident led to strained relationships with Chinese partners and broadcasters. Harden, who was part of the Rockets at the time, apologized for the controversy and reiterated his affection for China. In a recent development, Harden expressed his disapproval of Morey – now the president of the 76ers – amid ongoing trade rumors involving Harden.

His comments, denouncing Morey as a "liar," were made during an event in China and have gained widespread attention on social media platforms. This incident highlights the complex dynamics that intertwine sports, commerce, and geopolitics, particularly in the context of China's immense basketball fandom and the NBA's pursuit of global expansion.

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Source: CNN

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