Seahawks QB Geno Smith Clears DUI Charges As Prosecutors Find Insufficient Evidence

Photo: Instagram/Geno Smith

Seahawks quarterback Geno Smith will not face charges related to his 2022 arrest on suspicion of DUI, as announced by King County prosecutors.

They cited that Smith's blood alcohol level was .038, less than half the legal limit for impairment, and the level of THC in his blood was also below the threshold for proving DUI. Prosecutors stated they couldn't establish DUI or reckless driving beyond a reasonable doubt.

Smith was arrested on January 10, 2022, after the Seahawks' final game in Arizona. A State Patrol report mentioned he was driving a 2017 Rolls-Royce at 96 mph in a 60-mph zone on eastbound Interstate 90 near Mercer Way.

Photo: Instagram/Geno Smith

He was arrested for suspicion of DUI due to his speed, lane travel, failure to recognize emergency lights, and his behavior during the arrest. The statement from prosecutors clarified that they lacked evidence to challenge potential explanations for Smith's driving behavior.

While they acknowledged the presence of alcohol and marijuana in his system, they couldn't determine their specific effect on Smith's driving ability. Additionally, Smith's blood samples were stored in a malfunctioning refrigerator at the state crime lab, potentially leading to litigation.

Although there was evidence of Smith driving fast and briefly veering out of his lane, prosecutors couldn't prove he disregarded anyone's safety or property beyond a reasonable doubt. The State Patrol referred the case based on the suspected DUI and not any statements made by Smith during the incident.

According to the report, Smith refused to perform a "walk-and-turn" test and became more agitated during the process.

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Source: The Seattle Times

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