Brock Purdy Makes NFL History 49ers QB Extends This Improbable Streak With Thursday Night Win Over Giants

Photo: Instagram/Brock Purdy

Brock Purdy's remarkable journey in the NFL continues to dazzle football fans as he etches his name into the history books once more.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback achieved an extraordinary feat by securing his eighth consecutive regular-season win, a streak that now ranks as the third-longest in the league's storied history. The latest triumph came as the 49ers defeated the New York Giants with a commanding score of 30-12 on a Thursday night.

Before this exceptional victory, Purdy was already sharing the spotlight with a select few quarterbacks, holding seven consecutive wins that tied him for the third spot on the all-time list. However, with this recent triumph, he now stands alone in the third position, solidifying his place among NFL greats.

Photo: Instagram/Brock Purdy

Examining the longest winning streaks by rookie quarterbacks, it's noteworthy that the record still belongs to the legendary Ben Roethlisberger, who embarked on his astonishing journey in Week 3 of the 2004 season, maintaining his streak until Week 3 of the following year. During his debut season, Roethlisberger guided the Steelers to the AFC Championship game, setting the stage for future Super Bowl glory.

Purdy, in his second year as quarterback, seems to be on a similar path. In his rookie season, he led the 49ers to the conference title game, and now, with this impressive streak, they are considered frontrunners for this year's Lombardi Trophy.

Purdy's remarkable streak began in Week 13 of the 2022 season, marked by a dominant 35-7 victory over the Buccaneers. Since then, the 49ers have been virtually unstoppable with Purdy at the helm.

Looking ahead, there's excitement brewing as Purdy inches closer to the second spot on the list, currently held by Mike Tomczak. To achieve this, he needs to secure two more wins, a challenge that won't be without its difficulties, particularly when they face the Cowboys in Week 5.

With the latest win on Thursday night, Purdy's dream of surpassing Roethlisberger's historic record is within reach. The upcoming schedule for the 49ers presents opportunities for him to extend his streak further.

If he can maintain his momentum and secure a victory against the Seahawks in Week 12, Purdy will rewrite the NFL record books by boasting the longest winning streak to start a quarterback's career. Even if this record remains elusive, Purdy has already left an indelible mark on NFL history this season.

In Week 1, he became the first quarterback ever to win his first six regular-season starts while also throwing multiple touchdowns in each game. Additionally, he holds the distinction of being the first QB in NFL history to achieve a QB rating of at least 95 in each of his first six starts, setting records that will be remembered for years to come.

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Source: CBS Sports


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