Jasson Domínguez's Successful Tommy John Surgery Sets Course For 2024 Return

Photo: Instagram/Jasson Domínguez

Jasson Domínguez underwent successful Tommy John surgery, as indicated by his Instagram posts, where he posed with his doctor, playfully labeling himself as "officially bionic."

The Yankees anticipate a recovery period of 9-10 months, positioning his return potentially in June or July of 2024. Drew Thorpe, a standout in the Yankees' prospect pool, distinguishes himself with a unique pitching style that doesn't heavily rely on the conventional fastball-slider combination.

Thorpe's primary weapon is his changeup, which, combined with his repertoire of five pitches, has led to an impressive total of 182 strikeouts across High-A and Double-A games. This article delves into what makes Thorpe a promising prospect in the minor leagues.

Photo: Instagram/Jasson Domínguez

The Yankees' hopes for a postseason appearance hinged on their performance against the Blue Jays in a critical three-game series. Unfortunately, they suffered a significant setback by losing the first game 7-1, extending their struggles.

Giancarlo Stanton, who has been grappling with injury issues since the start of 2023, continued to struggle, raising concerns given his lengthy contract that extends through 2027. The woes extended beyond Stanton, with both Aaron Boone and the Yankees' players experiencing frustration during the game due to perceived missed calls by umpire Bill Miller.

Boone's heated exchange from the dugout resulted in his ejection, leaving him momentarily speechless after the incident. In a nostalgic turn, former Mets star Darryl Strawberry, who briefly played for the Yankees in 1995, found himself without a team after the season.

He embarked on a journey to play in Indy ball with the St. Paul Saints, a stint highlighted in the new Netflix documentary on the Veeck family, "The Saint of Second Chances."

Strawberry's remarkable performance during this period, boasting an impressive batting line and 18 home runs in 29 games, eventually led to his return to the Yankees, where he contributed to three championships in the late '90s. This article explores how Strawberry's time with the Saints reignited his passion for the game.

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