Ronald Acuña Jr. Makes History With 40-70 Season, Braves Secure NL Championship Advantage

Photo: Instagram/Ronald Acuña Jr.

Ronald Acuña Jr. achieved the unthinkable in a thrilling game, making history by becoming the first player in MLB to achieve both 40-plus homers and 70-plus steals in a single season.

The electrifying moment took place in Atlanta's Truist Park during a 10-inning victory over the Cubs, securing home-field advantage for the Braves in the National League Championship Series. Acuña, who had a game-tying single, a stolen base, and a run scored in the 10th inning, notched his 70th steal of the season, marking a milestone nobody had imagined.

In his own words, he admitted, "I'd be lying if I told you I thought I was going to get this done," acknowledging the incredible feat. The Braves, with a record of 102-56, clinched a first-round bye and home-field advantage throughout the National League Championship Series, positioning them as the top NL division leader.

Photo: Instagram/Ronald Acuña Jr.

This achievement puts them on track to face the winner of the No. 4 vs. No. 5 Wild Card matchup. Acuña's historic stolen base was a moment of pure excitement for both him and the fans. Teammate Ozzie Albies described the feeling, saying, "I got goosebumps watching him at second base with the base in his hand. It's a dream come true for him."

Acuña's close friendship with Albies, dating back to their meeting as teenagers in 2015, made it even more fitting that Albies delivered the game-winning single right after Acuña's record-breaking achievement. Acuña's astounding 41 homers and 70 stolen bases had already secured his place in the exclusive 40-40 club, with only four others ever achieving this feat in MLB history.

As the Braves manager, Brian Snitker, put it, "He might be the only human that can break his own records," highlighting Acuña's remarkable ability to continually push the boundaries of what's considered possible in the game.

Teammate Marcell Ozuna had no doubt that Acuña deserved the MVP title, saying, "There's no doubt." While the MVP outcome remains uncertain, Acuña's contribution to the Braves' success this season is undeniable.

In the end, Acuña's historic achievement was a testament to his unwavering dedication and the boundless potential he brings to the game of baseball. His remarkable journey to the 40-70 club will be remembered as a defining moment in MLB history, and his impact on the Braves and their fans is immeasurable.

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