Clippers' Paul George Slapped With $35,000 Fine For Referee Criticism

Photo: Instagram/Paul George

In the aftermath of the Clippers' defeat against the Nuggets on Tuesday, star player Paul George has been fined $35,000 by the NBA for his outspoken criticism of the officiating. 

George expressed frustration with the referees, stating, "I thought they were awful," and citing numerous instances where he felt unfairly treated on the court.

The league's decision to impose a higher-than-usual fine was justified in a press release, which highlighted George's history of public criticism of officiating.

Photo: Instagram/Paul George

This move aligns with the NBA's recent trend of considering players' past behavior when determining disciplinary actions.

Despite George's impressive performance, scoring 35 points and grabbing seven rebounds, the Clippers were unable to secure a victory, falling 111-108 to the Nuggets. 

The loss adds to the team's challenges as they navigate the post-James Harden era. 

George's attempt to force overtime ended in a unique fashion, as the ball became lodged in the rim, resulting in what basketball fans colloquially refer to as a "wedgie."

This incident underscores the ongoing tension between players and referees, as the league takes a firm stance on maintaining respect and professionalism in post-game comments.

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Source: NBC Sports


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