Kerr Criticizes NBA Rule Following Controversial Wiggins Foul In Warriors-Thunder Clash

Photo: Instagram/Steve Kerr

In a post-game press conference, Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr expressed his discontent with an NBA rule, targeting a foul called on Andrew Wiggins during their overtime defeat against the Oklahoma City Thunder. 

Kerr specifically criticized the "legal guarding position" rule, citing its impact on pivotal moments in the game. 

The disputed call occurred with just under 90 seconds left in regulation when Wiggins was charged with a foul on Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Photo: Instagram/Steve Kerr

Despite a subsequent replay review, the call was upheld, prompting Kerr to question the league's interpretation of legal guarding position.

Kerr acknowledged Gilgeous-Alexander's impressive 40-point performance but emphasized his disappointment with the lack of a successful challenge. 

The Warriors, holding a two-point lead at the time of Wiggins' foul, ultimately lost in overtime as the Thunder outscored them 13-6.

Reflecting on the game-changing play, Kerr lamented, "I was disappointed on that play, but it's the way it goes." 

The outcome left the Warriors with a sixth consecutive loss, bringing their overall record to 6-8, with a 1-5 home record for the season.

While Kerr acknowledged the uncertainty of the game's alternate outcome, he highlighted the potential shift in momentum had the foul on Wiggins been overturned. 

The Warriors now face the challenge of regrouping before their upcoming matchup against the Houston Rockets on Monday at Chase Center.

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Source: NBC Sports

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