Damian Lillard Respects Tyrese Haliburton's 'Dame Time' Celebration, Emphasizes Humility In Post-Game Warning

Photo: Instagram/Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard has expressed his respect for Tyrese Haliburton's replication of his famous "Dame Time" celebration during the Pacers' recent victory over the Bucks.

In response to a question about Haliburton's celebratory actions, Lillard, aged 33, acknowledged the move from Indiana's star point guard but issued a cautionary note about the importance of humility.

Lillard, known for his own timely celebrations, emphasized that he couldn't be upset when someone else emulates him, seeing it as a sign of respect for his history and achievements.

Photo: Instagram/Damian Lillard

Speaking to Rob Lopez of FanDuel, Lillard stated, “I’ve also known that when you’re having your moment, it’s important to be careful and be humble... because you just never know how the table turns and when it’s gonna turn."

Despite Haliburton's jab at him after draining a late three-pointer, Lillard remained composed, emphasizing the significance of humility during personal triumphs.

The Portland Trail Blazers' guard highlighted that he respected Haliburton's actions and even shook hands with him after the game, indicating that he wasn't adversely affected by the celebration.

Haliburton's standout performance included 27 points, 15 assists, and zero turnovers, securing the Pacers' spot in the in-season tournament championship game.

Lillard, despite his history of late-game heroics, found himself on the receiving end of a strong performance by the 23-year-old Haliburton-led Pacers.

In acknowledging Haliburton's success, Lillard tipped his hat to the young player, showcasing sportsmanship and recognizing the competitive spirit of the game.

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Source: Sports Illustrated


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