NBA's Last Two Minute Report Confirms Controversial Toe-On-The-Line Call Sealing Lakers' Loss To Timberwolves

Photo: Instagram/LeBron James 

In a crucial moment during Saturday night's matchup between the Los Angeles Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves, LeBron James found himself at the center of controversy. 

His apparent game-tying 3-pointer was ruled a 2-point shot by on-court referees, a decision that remained unchanged after a post-game replay review.

James, visibly upset post-game, insisted, "It's obviously a 3. My foot is behind the line." The Last Two Minute Report, released on Sunday, supported the on-court ruling, stating there was no clear evidence to overturn it.

Photo: Instagram/LeBron James

The report detailed, "James' successful shot attempt was initially ruled a two-point shot... no basis to overturn that ruling." 

Close-ups revealed the subtle complexity of the call, with freeze frames suggesting James' foot behind the line, but close-ups indicating a possible toe-over-the-line scenario during the shot.

Despite the controversial call, the Lakers' struggles extend beyond this single play. The defeat against the Timberwolves pushed the Lakers to a 17-16 season record, highlighting deeper challenges the team faces.

This loss comes after a 3-7 record since winning the NBA's inaugural In-Season Tournament, and a victory against the Western Conference's top-seeded Timberwolves could have been a pivotal turning point. 

However, the Last Two Minute Report confirms the game's outcome wasn't solely determined by the disputed call, emphasizing broader issues the Lakers need to address moving forward. (Source: CBS Sports)

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