Celtics Attribute 8-Game Win Streak To Jayson Tatum's Unselfish Play, Teammates Demand More Credit

Photo: Instagram/Jayson Tatum

Jayson Tatum's unique brand of unselfish brilliance is propelling the Boston Celtics to an outstanding eight-game win streak.

While his individual numbers might not scream MVP candidacy, Tatum's impact on every facet of the game has transformed the Celtics into the NBA's best-performing team.

In a recent matchup against the New York Knicks, Tatum's stat line of 19 points, six rebounds, and six assists doesn't tell the full story.

Photo: Instagram/Jayson Tatum

Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla highlighted Tatum's ability to control the game through strategic pick-and-roll plays, defensive excellence against Jalen Brunson, and an uncanny poise in creating opportunities for his teammates.

Notably, Tatum adjusted his playing style mid-game, attempting a mere five field goals in the first half, a testament to his awareness of the team's flow. Recognizing Jaylen Brown's hot hand, Tatum prioritized facilitating for his teammates, showcasing a level of unselfishness uncommon among players of his caliber.

Teammates, including Al Horford and Kristaps Porzingis, praised Tatum's poise and decision-making in the face of defensive pressure. Horford noted Tatum's composure against varied defensive strategies, while Porzingis emphasized Tatum's sacrifice for the team's greater good.

During this eight-game streak, Tatum's overall contributions are undeniable. Averaging 27.5 points, 8.9 rebounds, 7.0 assists, and 1.3 steals per game, he's posted a staggering plus/minus of plus-120. These numbers put him in the company of Celtics legends Larry Bird and Antoine Walker. However, what stands out is Tatum's deliberate choice of a balanced approach over high-volume scoring, demonstrating a keen understanding of the team's success recipe.

Despite flying under the league-wide MVP radar, Tatum's teammates are adamant that he deserves more credit. Porzingis, acknowledging Tatum's potential for high-scoring exploits, emphasized the greater value in Tatum's team-centric approach. As the Celtics ride the wave of success, Tatum's unselfish play remains a linchpin, prompting calls for the recognition he truly deserves in the MVP conversation. (SOURCE: NBA)

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