Dana White’s Troubles Persist Despite Antitrust Lawsuit Settlement As Ex-UFC Fighter Cautions Top Brass

Photo: Instagram/Dana White

Former UFC heavyweight contender Mark Hunt has reignited his feud with the UFC and its president Dana White, following the recent settlement of the antitrust lawsuit against the promotion. 

Hunt, known as the 'Super Samoan' and a PRIDE FC legend, had been embroiled in legal battles with the UFC since 2017, stemming from his fight against Brock Lesnar at UFC 200. In 2023, a Nevada judge ruled against Hunt, stating that his allegations of racketeering, fraud, and breach of contract lacked sufficient evidence.

However, with news of the UFC's antitrust lawsuit settlement surfacing, Hunt took to Instagram to launch a scathing criticism against the promotion and its executives.

Photo: Instagram/Mark Hunt

The saga between Hunt and the UFC began after his loss to Lesnar, who subsequently tested positive for banned substances. Despite the win being overturned, Hunt pursued legal action, alleging that the UFC misled him about Lesnar's PED usage. Dana White dismissed Hunt's claims, labeling him as delusional in later interviews.

In his recent Instagram video, Hunt lambasted the UFC and its legal team, expressing frustration with their handling of the case. He predicted dire consequences for the promotion, claiming that sponsors and others associated with the UFC would also face legal repercussions.

Meanwhile, Donn Davis, co-founder of the Professional Fighters League (PFL), offered a different perspective on the UFC's settlement. Davis emphasized the increasing options available to fighters in the MMA market, highlighting PFL's merger with Bellator MMA as a significant development. He believes that the emergence of PFL as a global powerhouse alongside the UFC will provide fighters with more leverage in negotiations.

As the dust settles from the antitrust lawsuit settlement, the future of MMA remains uncertain. The balance of power between promoters and athletes could undergo significant shifts, reshaping the landscape of the sport. The ongoing debate sparked by Mark Hunt's criticism underscores the broader issues surrounding fighter treatment within the UFC and the MMA industry as a whole.

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