Daniel Gafford's Remarkable Run: Closing In On Wilt Chamberlain's Consecutive-Makes Record With Mavericks

Photo: Instagram/Daniel Gafford

Daniel Gafford, the newest addition to the Dallas Mavericks, is on the verge of rewriting the NBA history books. 

Gafford, acquired from the Washington Wizards at the trade deadline, has converted 28 consecutive field goals, inching closer to Wilt Chamberlain's legendary record of 35 straight makes.

Gafford's success lies in his strategic shot selection, with a staggering 75% conversion rate within five feet of the basket. Unlike Chamberlain's era, Gafford embraces a role tailored to his strengths, avoiding long-range attempts and focusing on high-percentage shots.

Photo: Instagram/Daniel Gafford

The seven-footer finds himself in an ideal pairing with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving, the league's premier lob/roll creators. Gafford's rim-rolling athleticism complements the playmaking abilities of his teammates, setting the stage for potential record-breaking dunks and layups.

Reflecting on his approach, Gafford emphasizes consistency, stating, "I have the mindset that I want to finish everything, no matter if there's somebody in front of you or not." With 12 of his 28 consecutive makes being thunderous dunks, Gafford's proficiency inside the restricted area showcases a dominance reminiscent of Chamberlain's prime.

While Chamberlain's records seem unassailable, Gafford's current trajectory places him in a prime position to shatter the consecutive-makes record. Despite the challenge ahead, Gafford's judicious finishing in Dallas and the strategic deployment alongside skilled playmakers increase the likelihood of this historic achievement.

As the Mavericks face the Golden State Warriors next, Gafford's pursuit of the record enters a critical phase. In a matchup against a small Warriors team with limited traditional rim protection, the stage is set for Gafford to potentially etch his name in the annals of NBA history, proving that sometimes, perfection finds its perfect fit. (Source: CBS SPORTS)

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