Sean O’Malley Drops Video Evidence of 2016 Sparring Match With UFC Champ

Photo: Instagram/Sean O’Malley

Sean O’Malley has unveiled footage showcasing what appears to be a first-round knockout of UFC flyweight champion Alexandre Pantoja during a sparring session back in 2016. The video release comes after years of dispute between the two fighters regarding the outcome of their training encounter.

In the short clip shared on social media, a youthful O’Malley can be seen demonstrating his striking prowess, landing a decisive kick to Pantoja's liver before the Brazilian fighter signals for a break. While O’Malley claims victory in the first round, he concedes to being submitted by Pantoja in later rounds.

The feud between O’Malley and Pantoja reignited when Pantoja boasted about besting O’Malley in their spar prior to UFC 301. O’Malley, backed by his coach Tim Welch, countered these claims, asserting his dominance in the session.

Photo: Instagram/Sean O’Malley

Pantoja, however, alleges that O’Malley refused to share the full video of the spar, only showcasing his own favorable moments. He challenges O’Malley to release the complete footage to provide a fair representation of their encounter.

In response, O’Malley has defended his actions, maintaining that he emerged victorious in the initial round. He also addresses Pantoja's criticism, emphasizing his own version of events during the sparring session.

Coach Tim Welch, who was present during the spar, corroborates O’Malley’s account, attributing the stoppage to O’Malley’s effective liver shot. While acknowledging that Pantoja would likely have continued in a real fight, Welch highlights O’Malley's ability to capitalize on such opportunities.

The release of the sparring footage adds a new chapter to the ongoing rivalry between O’Malley and Pantoja, sparking further debate among MMA enthusiasts about the true outcome of their encounter.

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