NBA Fans Roast JJ Redick For Calling Kyrie Irving An 'Ethical Scorer' On ESPN's NBA Finals Broadcast

Photo: Instagram/JJ Redick

During ESPN's broadcast of Game 3 of the NBA Finals, former player and analyst JJ Redick sparked a flurry of reactions from fans by referring to Kyrie Irving as an "ethical scorer." The unusual term left many viewers scratching their heads and poking fun at Redick.

Redick's commentary has been a mixed bag for fans. While his insights into the game are often appreciated, moments like this reveal his deep dive into NBA Twitter jargon, sometimes to the confusion of the broader audience.

In the first half of Game 3, Irving put on a spectacular show, scoring 20 points with dazzling moves, including stepback threes and smooth layups. Instead of simply praising Irving's performance, Redick chose the term "ethical scorer," a phrase that baffled many.

Photo: Instagram/JJ Redick

The term "ethical scorer" refers to a player who relies on skillful play rather than drawing fouls to score points. However, for many watching, this term felt out of place and overly technical.

The backlash was swift and widespread, with fans expressing their disapproval and confusion on social media. Many humorously suggested that the Los Angeles Lakers should hire Redick immediately to prevent him from calling the next half of the NBA Finals.

Rob Pelinka, the Lakers' general manager, was even jokingly urged to step in and offer Redick a job. The overall sentiment was clear: while Redick’s knowledge of the game is valuable, his choice of words can sometimes miss the mark with the general audience.

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Source: USA Today 


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