Muhammad Ali's Grandson Reveals Why He Turned Down Millions To Fight Jake Paul

Photo: Instagram/Nico Ali Walsh

Nico Ali Walsh, the grandson of the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, has explained why he turned down a lucrative offer to fight YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul

Following in his grandfather's footsteps, Nico values the principles and standards that Muhammad Ali upheld. 

Known as the greatest boxer of all time, Muhammad Ali was celebrated not only for his skill in the ring but also for his work as a human rights activist.

Photo: Instagram/Nico Ali Walsh

Nico Ali Walsh believes that upholding these values and preserving his grandfather's legacy is more important than any financial gain. He wants to be recognized as a serious boxer, not a celebrity fighter. 

Nico addressed this on social media, saying, "No amount of money or fame is gonna make me sell out. Crazy how some people's dignity comes at a price."

Jake Paul has brought a lot of attention to boxing by merging it with celebrity culture, but Nico feels this detracts from the sport's integrity. He believes that real boxing should be about skill and competition, not entertainment and money.

While some accuse Nico of ducking Jake Paul, he remains firm in his decision to keep boxing honorable. Time will tell if he maintains this stance or if the lure of money will eventually change his mind.

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