Tyson Fury Doubts Francis Ngannou's Chances Against Deontay Wilder In Potential Fight

Photo: Instagram/Tyson Fury 

Tyson Fury has shared his thoughts on the possibility of a fight between Deontay Wilder and Francis Ngannou.

Despite his dislike for Wilder, Fury believes that the former WBC heavyweight champion would emerge victorious in a fight against the former MMA fighter.

Fury expressed his desire to see Ngannou knock Wilder out, but he does not believe it is a likely outcome.

Photo: Instagram/Tyson Fury 

Fury warned that throwing Ngannou, a 34-year-old novice, into the ring with Wilder would be a bad idea, as he would likely be flattened in a round or two due to his primitive fighting style that leaves him open to right hands.

While Ngannou is big enough to knock out anyone, Fury believes that Wilder would be the one to knock him out first.

Fury's dislike for Wilder stems from the latter's accusations of cheating during their fights.

Although Fury would like the opportunity to fight Ngannou, he is unlikely to negotiate a big fight, as he has a track record of asking for too much money from promoters.

Wilder is a more appealing opponent for Ngannou, as he is a famous boxer, and the Saudis would likely be interested in staging a fight between the two in their country.

However, Fury believes that a fight between him and Ngannou would be boring to watch, as he uses a hugger/grappler style that would likely tire out the former UFC champion.

It is still too early to determine who Ngannou will fight next, as there are many boxing fighters vying for the opportunity.

While Fury would like to see Ngannou knock Wilder out, he does not believe it is likely to happen.

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Source: Boxing News


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