Coach Ime Udoka Reveals Strategic Plans To Build Houston Rockets Around Alperen Sengun's Skill Sets

Photo: Instagram/Ime Udoka

Houston Rockets Coach Ime Udoka has unveiled his plans to build the team around the exceptional skill sets of Turkish native Alperen Sengun.

Looking ahead to the 2022-23 season, Udoka aims to maximize Sengun's abilities and enhance the Rockets' performance.

According to the Houston Chronicle, the coach intends to utilize Sengun as a passing big, akin to his idol, Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets, setting him apart from the strategies employed by former coach Stephen Silas.

Photo: Instagram/Ime Udoka shaping the game of Alperen Sengun, elevating the Houston Rockets to new heights.

Additionally, Udoka aims to address Sengun's challenges with drop coverage on defense.
Udoka emphasizes the value of having a big man who can initiate the offense, whether positioned in the high post or off the block.

He praises Sengun's effectiveness in the pocket, as he can excel in the half roll and make impactful plays, thereby benefiting the entire team. Drawing inspiration from the comparisons drawn between Sengun and two-time MVP Jokic, Udoka expresses his desire to employ a similar approach.

The influence of Jokic on Udoka's vision is not surprising, as even the Nuggets star himself acknowledged the similarities between him and Sengun.

Following the Rockets' loss to the Nuggets in November, Jokic praised Sengun's performance and suggested that Houston should run more of their offense through the young big man.

Jokic highlighted Sengun's talents in passing, post play, and scoring around the rim, acknowledging his diverse skill set. Although Sengun faced a slow start to his sophomore season, he quickly showcased his potential to become an All-Star.

Over the course of 75 games, he achieved career-high averages of 14.8 points on 55.3 percent shooting, along with 9.0 rebounds and 3.9 assists. These impressive numbers highlight his growth and indicate his promising future within the Rockets organization.

With Udoka's plans to tailor the team's strategy around Sengun's unique talents, the Turkish native has a solid foundation for further development and success in the NBA.

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Source: Sports Illustrated

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