Golfer Tom Kim Takes Unexpected Mud Bath at PGA Championship Opening Round

Photo: Instagram/Tom Kim

During the opening round of the PGA Championship, golfer Tom Kim found himself in an extraordinary situation at Oak Hill Country Club on Thursday afternoon.

It may sound unbelievable, but Kim ended up taking an impromptu bath in the river. His misfortune occurred when his drive on the par-4 No. 6 landed not in the water, but rather in a muddy marsh.

Determined to locate his ball, Kim ventured into the thick weeds, emerging with his entire body covered in mud. To his credit, Kim attempted to minimize the damage by removing his shoes and rolling up his pants.

Photo: Instagram/Tom Kim unexpectedly jumped into the creek in the midst of his round, attempting to indulge in a makeshift 'bath' of sorts.

Unfortunately, his efforts seemed futile as the mud clung stubbornly to his clothes. Faced with no other option, Kim made the bold decision to walk back to the creek that ran through the fairway and fully immerse himself in its waters.

Surprisingly, his unconventional "bath" proved somewhat effective, successfully removing most of the mud from his body, albeit with his pants still rolled up for the remainder of the round.

Despite the unfortunate incident, Kim managed to salvage a bogey on the hole, a feat that he could take some pride in given the circumstances.

With a final score of 3-over 73, he concluded his round, well behind the leader Eric Cole, who was sitting comfortably at 5-under before play was suspended due to darkness.

Remarkably, Kim appeared to maintain a positive attitude throughout the ordeal. When he emerged from the mud, he was spotted with a genuine smile on his face, and even had a bout of laughter while checking his phone on ESPN after the round, realizing that his muddy escapade had been witnessed by all.

In hindsight, Kim may have learned a valuable lesson from this experience: sometimes, it's best to simply let the ball go.

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Source: Yahoo Sports

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