Ben Simmons Shows Promising Progress In Latest Social Media Updates

Photo: Instagram/Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons' progress and recovery from back surgery have been shrouded in secrecy, but recently shared images on Instagram indicate positive signs.

Previously, the public had relied on glimpses of the 6'11" point forward working with weights or posing with teammates to gauge his rehabilitation. However, on Tuesday, Simmons posted two pictures suggesting that he has transitioned from rehab to on-court activities.

Apart from Instagram, there have been reports about the Australian national team's coach expressing his eagerness to have Simmons play for the "Boomers" in the FIBA World Cup, scheduled for late August across Asia.

Photo: Instagram/Ben Simmons

While details about Simmons' progress remain scarce, it seems likely that he has been cleared to resume court activities, which is promising news for both the Nets and Basketball Australia. Still, some Sixers fans may remain cautious, recalling past videos of Simmons making impressive shots during the offseason that didn't translate to his NBA performances.

Nonetheless, positive news has been steadily trickling in over the past month regarding Simmons' situation. In May, concerns about a second back surgery were quelled when it was reported that it would not be necessary.

Bernie Lee, Simmons' new agent, also expressed confidence that he would be physically prepared for training camp in October, while Nets general manager Sean Marks expects Simmons to regain his form by September 1.

Furthermore, reports indicate an improved attitude from Simmons during his rehab, with those around him witnessing a significant change in his focus and mentality. Reverting to his pre-injury and pre-holdout form is a priority for the Nets, given Simmons' impressive track record as a three-time All-Star, two-time first team All-Defense, and one-time All-NBA selection.

Additionally, the Nets have a significant financial investment in Simmons, owing him $78.2 million over the next two years. The next significant milestone for Simmons is likely to be the first week of August when the Australian national team convenes for training camp ahead of the World Cup.

Questions linger about whether Simmons will participate and what condition he will be in. The Boomers are expected to play exhibition games in Melbourne before heading to Japan for the start of the tournament on August 25. Assuming the Boomers advance to the Final Four, Simmons could potentially compete in 11 games within a month's time before returning to Brooklyn for the opening of NBA training camp in September.

While there are still two months left in his rehabilitation, during which we are unlikely to witness his gameplay beyond social media, much can happen. It is reasonable to approach Simmons' progress with skepticism until proven otherwise. However, the current signs indicate a positive trajectory.

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Source: Nets Daily

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