Fact Check: Ben Simmons' Alleged Signing With Taiwan Tigers Debunked - NBA Star's Future And Road To Recovery Examined

Photo: Instagram/Ben Simmons

Debunking rumors of Ben Simmons signing with Taiwan Tigers, it turns out the news is entirely fake. The speculation began when former NBA star Dwight Howard made a joke involving Simmons.

In a photo, Howard was seen alongside several notable players, including Simmons, James Harden, and Klay Thompson, all wearing Taiwanese jerseys.

Following the photo, a Twitter account posted a tweet claiming that Simmons had signed a two-year deal worth ¥49,882,000 with the Taiwan Tigers. However, this news is clearly unfounded as Simmons is still under contract with the Brooklyn Nets

Photo: Instagram/Ben Simmons has been a disappointment for the Brooklyn Nets since arriving in a trade with the 76ers in February 2022.

Looking at Simmons' future in the NBA, it's worth noting that he currently has two years remaining on his contract. However, he was sidelined late in the season due to back pain.

Throughout the year, Simmons' performance was scrutinized, with moments where he showed glimpses of his All-Star form and others where he seemed to struggle. The Nets also underwent changes during the season, firing coach Steve Nash and making trades involving Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Eventually, Simmons was shut down for the remainder of the season due to ongoing back pain, a decision that stirred controversy.

It's important to highlight that Simmons had already returned ahead of schedule from back surgery, which should be taken into consideration when assessing his performance. The hope is that Simmons will be fully recovered and ready to start the upcoming season after undergoing rehabilitation for his back.

Nevertheless, there are concerns about whether Simmons will ever regain his previous form, as his challenges seem to be both physical and mental.

Stephen A. Smith recently mentioned on his Know Mercy podcast that it's difficult to keep track of Simmons' issues, which range from mental health struggles to physical injuries.

It appears that the former All-Star has been facing a series of setbacks. Only time will tell if this season will help him return to his prime performance level.

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Source: Sports Keeda


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