Grizzlies Star Ja Morant Suspended for 25 Games After Second Gun-Related Incident

Photo: Instagram/Ja Morant

Memphis Grizzlies' star player Ja Morant will miss the first 25 games of the 2023-24 NBA season due to his involvement in a second gun-related incident, the league announced on Friday.

Morant had previously been suspended for eight games without pay for displaying a firearm while live streaming a video at a nightclub. The recent suspension came as a result of Morant posing with a gun in a car during a live-streamed video on May 13, despite previous commitments not to repeat such behavior.

The NBA has deemed his conduct detrimental to the league and has imposed the suspension as a response. The league office determined that Morant intentionally and prominently displayed the firearm while knowing that he was being recorded and that the video was being live-streamed on Instagram.

Photo: Instagram/Ja Morant

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver expressed concern over Morant's actions, citing the potential influence it may have on young people. The suspension serves as a stern message that reckless and irresponsible behavior involving guns will not be tolerated.

Following the announcement of his punishment, Morant issued a statement apologizing for his actions and expressing his commitment to personal growth. He acknowledged the harm caused to the NBA, the Grizzlies, his teammates, the city of Memphis, and his fans.

Morant emphasized his dedication to improving his decision-making and mental health during the offseason and his suspension. The Grizzlies organization released a statement supporting the league's decision and reaffirming their commitment to upholding clear standards for all team personnel.

The incident involving Morant was first brought to the NBA's attention when a video circulated on social media showing him dancing with a gun in his hand during a live stream.

Morant's initial suspension earlier in the year had resulted in him missing eight games, and he also took additional time to focus on conditioning and attend counseling programs. He had expressed remorse for his previous mistakes and vowed to change the narrative surrounding him.

In his post-game press conference after the Grizzlies' playoff loss, Morant acknowledged that his off-the-court issues had affected the team as a whole and took responsibility for making better decisions away from the court.

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