Ja Morant's Attorneys Claim Self-Defense In Motion To Dismiss Civil Suit By Teenager

Photo: Instagram/Ja Morant 

NBA star Ja Morant's legal team has taken action in response to the civil suit brought against him by Josh Holloway, a teenage basketball player who claims Morant assaulted him.

Morant's attorneys filed a motion on Monday seeking to dismiss the case, arguing that their client acted in self-defense. Citing Tennessee's self-defense laws, the motion states that Morant enjoys civil immunity under the Statute because Holloway intentionally struck him in the face with a basketball at Morant's family home last July.

According to the motion, the punch thrown by Morant was solely aimed at protecting himself from further harm and was not forceful enough to knock Holloway down. In a countersuit filed in April, Morant's lawyers claimed that Holloway's actions were threatening and potentially career-ending.

Photo: Instagram/Ja Morant 

They alleged that the teenager intentionally threw a basketball at Morant's face, and then approached him aggressively with balled fists, as if preparing to attack him. The countersuit also accused Holloway of making threats to return to Morant's house and cause harm.

These aspects of the case will be put on hold until a hearing, which is expected to take place within 40 days. Holloway, who was 17 at the time of the incident, expressed his disappointment in Morant and his friend, Davonte Pack, stating that they have not taken responsibility for their actions.

Holloway's mother also pushed for criminal charges against Morant, but the Shelby County Sheriff's Office did not pursue the matter due to a lack of evidence. The countersuit filed by Morant's legal team further alleges that Holloway lied to the police about Morant flashing a gun and violated a court order by leaking sealed case details to the media.

It is claimed that this leak adversely affected Morant's chances of making the All-NBA team this season. In a separate development, Morant recently received a 25-game ban from the NBA due to two incidents where he appeared to brandish a gun on camera.

The first instance involved him holding a pistol in a Denver strip club, and the second incident captured him with what appeared to be a weapon in a car with a friend.

Morant maintains that the alleged gun in the second video was fake and merely a lighter. Despite police investigations, Morant was not charged with a crime in either case.

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Source: Daily Mail


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