Mayhem Erupts As John Gotti III Sparks Brawl In Floyd Mayweather Exhibition Match

Photo: Instagram/Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather's recent exhibition match took a chaotic turn as his opponent, John Gotti III, instigated a mass brawl following the fight's stoppage.

Despite being disqualified by referee Kenny Bayless, Gotti continued to swing at the boxing legend, displaying a lack of sportsmanship. Mayweather, known for his showboating, appeared unfazed and in control throughout the encounter.

In the sixth round, Bayless made the decision to end the fight, which clearly displeased Gotti, prompting him to persistently target Mayweather. Consequently, numerous individuals entered the ring, escalating the situation into a full-scale altercation.

Photo: Instagram/Floyd Mayweather and John Gotti III

Seated on the top rope, Mayweather calmly observed the unfolding scene before being escorted out of the arena. The brawl persisted both inside and outside the ring, with law enforcement officers attempting to restore order amid the chaos.

In the aftermath of the incident, Gotti took to his Instagram story, expressing his frustration and stating, "Bum never put me down or stopped me. It was a DQ for no reason." He went on to label Mayweather as his "enemy for life."

This event adds to a series of peculiar exhibition fights in Mayweather's career. Notably, he recently faced reality TV star Aaron Chalmers in a sparsely attended bout at the O2 Arena in February.

Since retiring in 2017 after securing his 50th career victory without defeat against Conor McGregor, Mayweather has engaged in a total of seven exhibition matches. On the undercard of this particular event, Jarrell Miller emerged victorious, a notable feat considering his previous failed drug test and his canceled fight against Anthony Joshua in 2019.

Celebrities in attendance included former Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba and rapper Rick Ross, adding a touch of glamour to the spectacle.

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